Thank you to everybody who came out last Thursday for the opening reception of Rich Jacobs ” Move #19″- “He said he was enjoying the donuts for the most part, and laughing hysterically.”

Some of the art community’s most innovative illustrators,  photographers, graphic designers, music makers, writers (Jocko Weyland), and all around good people gathered to celebrate the opening of “Move #19”.  With wine from Bear Flag, fresh donuts from Bob’s in the tenderloin (rumored to have killer fresh donuts at midnight), and milk for your donuts, and rad art how could you go wrong.

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The stories flowed like wine as the artists, most of which are old friends, shared anecdotes about each other, and caught up on current happenings.

Chris Shary and his Japanese Robot Boots.

Chris Shary, the man responsible for many early "Descendents" album covers, shows off his custom made, Japanese Robot boots as he explains the difficulties in finding a solid boot maker these days.

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happy reception goer.

Photo by Rob Ben. Image of Rodger Bridges

Photo by Rob Ben. Image of Rodger Bridges

Move #19 participating Artist: Rodger Bridges

Move #19 participating Artist: Rodger Bridges

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we officially do not recommend dipping your donuts in the wine. really.

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Billy Sprague (left) Dora Drimalas (right)

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Move #19 participating artist: Mofo

Move #19 participating artist: Mofo

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Move #19 participating artits: Jason Polan

Images courtesy of Robynne from Bear Flag wine.

Check back this week for close ups on the artists involved in this show…