This serendipitous collaboration we know as The Date Farmers, moves on a higher plane than most.  Their work has enough personality to make the gallery bounce with energy. That, combined with the bright yellow walls and a bad-ass Video Arcade machine, set  the scene for what some  opening reception attendees called a “Delicious” show.

IMG_9444As a finishing touch, the boys super glued a quarter to the gallery floor… mischief makers.


The Arcade. Look closely and you can see "A Volta" playing on the screen.

The work  keeps you on your toes, they beguile you with bright colors and familiar icons, while smacking you lightly across the face with some honest social commentary.  A moral behind the story, if you will . It’s always fresh and gets the message across … and we love it.





A Date Farmer’s hand drawn map required for deciphering the price list.IMG_0226

Page two of pricelist map

Page two of pricelist map





They are a seriously ingenious duo.


Thank you to everybody who made it out last night!

As well as many thanks to DJ Alf Alpha for the tunes and Marsea from New Image Art Gallery for coming out to support.

More shots for you tomorrow.