Last Thursday I took a trip down to San Jose to check out the Todd Schorr exhibition and panel discussion…..sadly, we arrived two minutes too late to gain access to the panel discussion. Big let down.  But, we did run into our friend Ken from Arrested Motion, meaning that all is not lost, hopefully we can get a recap.

As for the work displayed… It is clear that Todd Schorr takes painting to a level that is well beyond mastery.

The progression of his work is seamless. At one point you think, “This is the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen…” and then you move on to the next painting only to find that you don’t have the slightest inkling of what this artist is capable of.  He OWNS his craft, and demolishes the boundaries of one’s imagination while he’s at it.


L_tschorr_pickledpunkparadePICKLED PUNK PARADE
acrylic on canvas, 1991
30″ x 40″

L_tschorr_clashofholidays-1CLASH OF HOLIDAYS
acrylic on canvas, 2000
40″ X 30″

acrylic on canvas, 1996
30″ x 40″

We started with his earliest works, which were impressive enough, and slowly worked our way painting by painting through his career up to present day. Some works were simply massive with these unbelievably ornate frames.


You had to stand back a few feet just to take it all in, and then you wanted to look at it extra close because there were so many tiny details and characters embedded in one scene. Every detail is perfectly crafted. Nothing is over looked.

Security was tight but I was able to sneak a couple shots…IMG_0125


The last time I had the pleasure of meeting a master painter was when I met Greg Simkins.  These artists have a style and skill set that leaves their audience begging for more, and they never fail to impress.  Cheers to painters. You  make life more enjoyable.

Now go lose your mind at the San Jose museum of Art. It’s an unforgettable experience.