They say that when one door  closes another opens, so as we bid farewell to Shinganist, we welcome with open arms,  Kenji Hirata and Che Jen.  

These two innovative artists are known for their intensely energetic paintings. Once upon a time Kenji and Che Jen took a leap of faith and hopped into a van with 20 artists on a mission.  What was then only a burgeoning idea from the ever creative mind of Dave Ellis, the “Barnstormers” became a breeding ground for new relationships, life changing revelations, and life long friendships. Years after that fateful trip the effects still linger.

The FIFTY24SF gallery is proud to reunite two members of the Barnstormers Collective to present “Reverberations” opening June 4th. 

Comprised of vibrant colors, and forward moving imagery,  Kenji’s work is unique in it’s ability to propel the viewer into an unseen, parallel universe where life is lived based on the belief of an ever dynamic tomorrow. He is clear on one thing, his work is made for the open minded. His peculiar shapes and vibrant color combinations make up an entire universe that is aimed at speaking to what is left of our child like nature.

Che Jen’s work, most recognized for it’s explosive nature, is based in the abstract. Bouncing between bright colors and muted greys, this work is akin to a bottle rocket on the verge of release. The energy is so tightly wound in the work that it’s difficult not to feel as if you are on the verge of some great happening while standing in front of them. 

Don’t just take my word for it, come check out the show opening JUNE 4th.



Opening reception JUNE 4th 7-9:30

FIFTY24SF Gallery 

248 Fillmore St, SF, 94117